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Interested in commissioning a project like those in the gallery below? Find out how.

To Commission A Project

The first step in commissioning a custom project such as a handrail, fire screen or any other item in our gallery is to give us a call or send us an email with a description of your project. What design are you looking for? What is the linear footage or size and scope of your project? We always give a rough verbal estimate based on the size of your project to make sure that our pricing suits your budget. We will also let you know our current schedule since we often book up several months in advance. The next step is to schedule on-site meetings or phone meetings to discuss the design and budget.

If you are not in the Charleston, WV area, we would ask you to email us photos of the project area along with exact measurements so we can proceed with phone meetings. We would then provide one sketch based on your design input for you to review. If you aren’t satisfied, we will provide a follow-up sketch based on your feedback from the first sketch. If a third sketch is needed and it varies completely from the first two design options, then we will do it at our hourly shop rate of $75/hour. Once the sketch has been approved, we will email the quote with the final cost and then proceed with a work contract. Customers are to read and sign the work contract and mail it back to us with a 50% deposit check in order to reserve the next available space in our line-up.

Please note that we do give preference to outdoor projects in the summer and indoor projects in the winter due to the constraints of working with concrete in cold weather. Final payment is due on the day of the install or pickup of your finished project at our shop. For outdoor items, we use an industrial acrylic enamel paint and provide our customers with a can of touch-up paint and proper care and maintenance instructions to keep your project free of rust. We do not powder coat our items because we find that it does not prevent rust in the seams and it is extremely difficult to touch up since powder coated paint will fade over time. If you prefer to have a powder coat finish on your outdoor commissioned project, we ask that you arrange to have it painted elsewhere and we will still be happy to design and build your project. However, we do not install items that have been powder coated.

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